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Luma Mufleh founded Fugees Academy, a private school for refugees in Clarkston, Georgia, in 2008 after she saw the refugees on her soccer teams struggling in the city’s public schools. The academy now serves 87 students in grades 6-12. Mufleh started as a soccer coach, forming teams for refugee children in Clarkston, Georgia, which has been a hub for refugee resettlement since the 1990s. She formed a school, summer camps and after-school tutoring programs after watching her players struggle in local public schools.

Warner Bros. Pictures’ superhero universe has had trouble finding its groove. Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, and Suicide Squad all underwhelmed critics and failed to excite audiences. The first three entries in the studio’s DC Comics cinematic franchise also fell short of the $1 billion mark that Christopher Nolan’s last two Dark Knight films and so many Marvel movies with lesser-known characters crossed wit relative ease. Is it any surprise audiences are left wondering when – and possibly if – the studio will ever have its first bona fide hit?

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My grandma passed away a year ago, which was devastating for our family in many ways. She was the historian of the family, so along with her passed our oral history. Her death was the triggering event that led me to investigate our past and salvage what I could learn so that my siblings and I could have a foundation for growth. Thus, for my personal narrative, I wanted to share what I learned about her encounter with the ethnic cleavage that occurred during the Vietnam War.

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